Ecosystem — Closed System

TheNature is a closed system which contains 8 kinds of Subs of finite
number each, in other words, TheNature is a kind of “ecosystem”.

The point is this ecosystem contains 8 kinds of finite Subs and the total
number of each stay constant.
Each kind of Subs circulate in bodies of Asias or in the atmosphere. When
an Asia eat some Subs in the atmosphere, those Subs will be
relocated into that Asia. Or when a meat-eating Asia eats another Asia, all
Subs that victim have had will be relocated into that meat-eater. Another
case may be that an Asia egests some Subs that it has accumulated, those
Subs will be relocated to the atmosphere again. Any Asias’ action cause
exchange of Subs, though even after any case, the total number of each
Subs are always constant.
In this fundamental rule, each Asias survives adapting the environment and
form the ecosystem.

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