Asia is a virtual life form in environments of Minnerasia.

Propagation and Evolution

Asia reproduces itself by agamic and/or sexual reproduce.
Each Asia has  30k – 350k bytes of genetic code. They multiplies to replicate their genetic codes. (agamic reproduce)
And they also recapitulate evolution of species to cross their genetic code with another one’s. (sexual reproduce) There are two types of sexual reproduce, conspecific cross, which is between same species, and xenogeneic cross, which is between different species.


Asia eats Subs(substances) in the environment and/or another Asia.
Each Asias has its character to each kind of Subs, i.e. “preference” and “effectiveness”. They tend to take more “prefer” Subs or another Asias that keeps more “prefer” Subs. The Asia that takes positive “effectiveness” Subs gets more vital while the other takes negative “effectiveness” Subs gets weaker.


There are any case that an Asia dies;

  • Outliving its life duration
    Each Asia has its life duration in the genetic code. When an Asia outlives around the life duration, it dies.
  • Taking negative effectiveness Subs
    Taking negative effectiveness Subs causes an Asia weaker, and when the vitality gets zero or less, it dies.
  • Eaten by another Asia
    When an Asia is eaten by another one, it dies. The predator takes some/all of Subs that the prey has kept.
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