A closed environment that you can own and put your favorite Asias in it. It is, so to speak, a miniature of TheNature. However, the difference between TheNature is not only their size and capacity.
In Asiarium, no xenogeneic cross occurs, that is, only between conspecific species can create offspring.
Since Asiarium is a “closed” environment, all Subs in it stay constant unless you increase/decrease them.

You’ll see your unique stories

All you can do with Asiarium is to put some Asias, adjust Subs and watch. You don’t have to feed them as it itself maintains its balance, i.e. Subs floating around the environment or other Asias can be feed for an Asia.
Those Asias might create their offspring in it, or might die from starvation. They might cause population explosion in it if there put too much Subs…
Anyway, you will see your unique stories with it that even the programmer of it hasn’t expected.

Please Note: This feature is under construction at the moment.

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