Carnivorous Degree

A degree how much an Asia tends to eat other Asias. Defined in each Asias’ DNA.

Each Asia has differing degree of carnivorous depending on this value defined in its DNA. The higher value an Asia has this value, the higher possibility it try to eat others. On the contrary, The lower an Asia has this value, the higher possibility it try to Subs floating in the environment. That is, Asias that have high carnivorous degree can be called “meateaters” while that have low degree can be “vegetarians”.

When an Asia decides whether to eat others, the status of its appetite is referred at first. And then the carnivorous degree is referred. Asias that has low carnivorous degree seldom decide to eat others, still cannot say that they never eat others though.
In the case the Asia decide to eat others, it chooses the prey candidate at random in the environment. And then both the predator’s and prey candidate’s carnivorous degree is compared. If the prey candidate’s carnivorous is higher, those position turn back, i.e. predator turns into prey candidate and the prey candidate turns into predator.
After casting the predator and prey candidate, those vitality will be compared and in the case the predator’s vitality is higher, it eats, otherwise nothing happens.

When an Asia decides whether to eat Subs, its carnivorous degree is referred. The lower the carnivorous degree is, the more chance to eat Subs.

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