Same species that have same DNA structure.

Asia‘s species is defined by its DNA structure consisting of branches, nodes and leaves. Some species have complex structures while others have simple ones.
In the case that two Asias’ DNA structure are quite the same, those Asias belong to the same species, i.e. conspecific.
Although DNA structure defines individual’s shape and colors, there still might be the case that two similar looking individuals belong to different species. This may be happen that the difference of those two DNA structure doesn’t affect its shape and/or color. In other words, looking similar doesn’t always tell they are the same species.
On the other hand, there may be some cases that two individuals that couldn’t be more different belong to the same species. This may happen easily because parameters in the DNAs differ even if they have the same structure.

Conspecific Cross
When two individuals belonging to the same species create offspring, the crossing will be conspecific cross that is calculated by GA(Genetic Algorithm).
The child created by conspecific cross will always be the same species even if mutation occurs because mutation in GA doesn’t change those structures. However, since parameters in the parents’ DNA will be crossed, the creatrue will take new character, shape and colors that look blended of its parents’. The child might look as if it’s a new species although it still belongs to the species that its parents do.

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