DNA(Genetic Code)

A set of data that form Asias‘ inherent characteristics and figures.

Data for inherent characteristics

Some data that individual Asias have are for inherent characteristics. Those data won’t vary during that Asia’s lifetime while data for its status possibly will do.
However, at the changing generation, there are chances to vary.
In a conspecific or xenogeneic cross, two parents’ DNA will be mixed and a new DNA will be created. This means that the new DNA inherits both parents’ charactors.
In an agamicĀ  reproduction, although those data for inherent characteristics are to be copied to quite same ones, there sometimes accidentally occur some “error”s. These cause mutation even in agamic reproductions. Even in the case that inĀ  conspecif or xenogeneic cross between very similar parents, this mutation sometimes occur accidentally.

Data for figure

DNA includes some data for the individual’s shape and color. Those are also to be inherited and mutate.
Species of an individual depends on the structure of DNA data for figure.

Data for status are not inherited

Individual Asias also have their status data. They are not parts of DNA, and therefore they are not inherited to next generation.

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