Event Cycle

Cycle of chances that Asias act their life activities.

The program gives a chance to act their life activity to each Asias mutually-exclusive-and-collectively-exhaustive. When an Asia got a chance, it considers whether to do each life activities, i.e. eat subs, eat others, egest or produce offspring. This decisions are done by referring to the DNA parameters.

Age of environment and Asia

Once all Asias in an environment, TheNature, PublicFarm or Asiarium, got the chance in a cycle, the program turns into next new cycle. And all Asias in the environment age one.
The amount of time for a cycle depends on the population of Aisas in the environment. The more population of Asia in an environment, the more time will be taken for one event cycle.
Environments are not always running all the time. Sometimes the program need downtime for maintenance, defects or any other reasons.
These are the reasons why the age of environment in Minnerasia is named as its cycle count not duration of time.

Time does not pass equally

Repetition of the event cycle and its duration depends on the environment. Some environments run an event cycle so quickly while the others take too much time. So is the Asia’s age. The quicker the environment runs its event cycle, the faster Asias in the environment get old. That is, time doesn’t pass equally among the environment.

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