An environment to keep and grow Asias. Breeders can choose and take their favorite Asias there.
Asias in PublicFarm are originally harvested in TheNature, and existing ones are their offspring or remaining survivors.
In PublicFarm, Asias can reproduce by Agamic reproduce, Conspecific cross or Xenogeneic cross.
PublicFarms are grouped into some types depending on their puropose;

  • Breed improvement
  • Creating a new species
  • Breeding mutants

Breed Improvement

In many cases for breed improvement, there is only single species in a PublicFarm.
In this case, Asias in PublicFarm are recapitulated mating and improvement, so their DNA differ from the ones of “wild” Asias in TheNature even if they are the same species.

Creatig a new species

Putting more than one species of Asia and cross them to create new species. This can target ideal species with several parents more than autogenesis in TheNature.

Breeding mutants

Putting mutants, which are usually very weak, and breeding them in a peace PublicFarm without their enemy. We can save those rare species in PublicFarm while those mutants usually perish in TheNature.

Releasing is prohibited

Once some Asias are taken out from TheNature, those offspring will get different DNAs from the “wild” ones even if they are same species. To avoid genetic pollution, it is strictly prohibited to release those Asias into TheNature.

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