A group of Asias that shares DNA structure.

Asia’s shape and colors are defined by species, i.e. DNA structure consisting of branches, nodes and leaves, i.e. species. However, it is not always true that two Asias looking very similar belong to the same species. In other words, looking similar doesn’t always tell they are the same species. This may be because of the difference of those two DNA structure has some part that don’t affect its shape and/or colors.
On the contrary, it may be happen that two individuals belonging to the same species have quite different looks. This is because parameters in the DNAs differ even if they have the same structure.

Each Asia has its individual shape, color and characters. Even if two Asias belonging to the same species and looks very similar, they have differences on looks and/or characters very slightly.

Asias belonging to the same species can mate and create offspring that belong to the same species. (Conspecific Cross) The children created by conspecific cross will belong to the same species with their parents.
Asias belong to different species can also mate and create offspring. In this case, those offspring will possibly have another new DNA structure. (Xenogeneic Cross)

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