Substances in the environment.
There are 4 types of Subs, Subs1, Subs2, Subs3 and Subs4.
The total amount of each type of Subs in an environment is constant.

Preference and Effectiveness

Each Asias has its character, preference and effectiveness to each type of Subs. The more degree of preference to a Subs an Asia has, the more likely to eat it.
As for effectiveness, a type of Subs with negative degree of effectiveness will be harmful to the Asia while positive one will be fuel to that Asia.
The vitality of an Asia will be calculated by sum of “amount x effectiveness to SubsX”. If this value gets zero or less, the Asia dies.

Stomach Capacity

Asias have their stomach capacity of each Subs. When the stomach is full, the Asia cannot get more Subs.


When an Asia eats another Asia, it tries to eat all Subs that prey has kept. In the case the predator doesn’t have enough space for all Subs that prey had, leftover Subs will be scattered into the environment.


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