The largest environment with large number of Asias.
All Asias or their ancestors come from TheNature.
You can explore TheNature at TheNature Tour.


At the beginning, a large amount of Asias, which are generated with random configured DNA, and Subs are put into TheNature. In the current trial, #006, 50,000 Asias and 32,767 x 8 Subs were put into it.
Although there are Asias number of species at the beginning, species have come to be organized into some groups as Asias ecapitulate evolution of species.

Closed System

Total amount of Subs are constant even if Asias eat them if we count “total amount” including the ones Asias have eaten. TheNature is a closed system.

Event Cycle

All Asias in TheNature have a chance to have events equally by the event cycle. The amount of time for a cycle depends on the number of Aisas in TheNature.

Now just explore TheNature at TheNature Tour.

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