TheNature as a Virtual Ecosystem

In TheNature, all Asias live in jungle rule — the weak are the victims of the
strong. Each individual Asia has their own degree of carnivorous in its DNA.
Those ones with higher carnivorous possibly eat others with lower degree of

What we should note here is that meat-eaters will not always survive over
vegetarians because there must be depletion if meat-eaters eat up all of
In accordance with Darwin’s theory of evolution, those who could adapt
successfully to the environment will survive. And the longer they could survive,
the more chance to create offspring, i.e. to reproduce themselves.
Some vegetarians might find a strategy to beat meat-eaters. That may be to
create large amount of offspring, or to make themselves come into disfavor with
enemies. Anyway, although Asias aren’t programed with those algorithm, those
who could get that characteristics by chance may be able to survive.

There may be balanced population of meat-eaters and vegetarians with
progression of TheNature. Even I, the programmer that programmed it, cannot
make a prediction how it will be.

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