1/f Fluctuation — The Middle Of Boredom And Chaos

1/f Fluctuation everywhere

It is said that 1/f fluctuation are seen widely in nature. Heart beat, sound of brook, candle flame flickering, etc…

No matter whether natural or artificial, all fluctuation in this world can be deconstructed into number of simple sine waves. To draw the spectrum with frequency on horizontal axis and logarithm value of amplitude of each sine wave, and draw an asymptotic line, you’ll find a falling diagonal stroke from top left to bottom right. When this diagonal stroke is 45 degree, we call the spectrum is 1/f fluctuation.

The more flat the spectrum is, the closer the diagonal stroke comes to horizontal line. This means the spectrum is extreme randomness = chaos. On the contrary, the diagonal stroke comes close to vertical line if the fluctuation consists of only a simple sine wave. This means the spectrum is extreme monotone = boredom.

Golden ratio of healing rhythm

Although it is usually described as mystical, the rhythm of 1/f fluctuation is also described as effective of healing. Some healing music  employ this 1/f fluctuation. However, there is no scientific support yet.

It is one of the magic number on formative art just like the golden ratio.

Has Minnerasia been designed employing 1/f fluctuation?

It was able to program for Asias’ shapes conforming to this 1/f fluctuation, but I didn’t. Because it could make the algorithm more complex and I thought it may be difficult to measure the effect.

What we should learn from this 1/f fluctuation are;

  • Shape, sound and color has its fluctuation
  • We can measure even degree of chaos/boredom
  • It is described that the sweet spot is middle of chaos and boredom

The most important is that we can measure degree of chaos/boredom. We can indicate the degree with concrete value.

This might make Minnerasia more fun.


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