4 Is Enough For Type Of Subs (rather than 8)

You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.
Yogi Berra

From the beginning, I defined that Subs has 8 types, and each Asia has their degree of preference and effectiveness to those 8 Subs each.
Now I’ve come to think that 4 is enough, and will change. Here are the reasons;

Too many Subs types need more data

With 8 Subs types, each Asia need to keep its data how many each type of Subs it keeps.

The more Subs types, the more time the program spends

Each Asias do actions in its event cycle. It spends more time for an Asia to consider to eat or not each 8 types Subs one by one.
In addition, when an Asia eats another Asia, it gets those 8 types of Subs one by one. This spends much more than double of the one for 4 types in order to avoid conflict, i.e. Subs leak.

It is a little lengthy

Soon I will release FieldGuide, which shows species and individual of Asias. To show you the character of species and/or Asia, degree of preference and effectiveness will be included. Those data of 8 types of Subs will be lengthy.
In the future when Asiarium will be released, you will say Asias condition with how many Subs an Asia has, and it will be hard for you to say with 8 types of Subs rather than 4.

Taking a shot in Trial #007

I’m going to reduce number of Subs types to 4 in Trial #007. Hope that improves the situation.

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