And Finally, Population Explosion Has Come?

Now TheNature is at still doing trial-and-error stage, and today I found some Subs has run dry; i.e. Asias has eaten up all Subs. It started with 1000 Asias, which initiated with random parameters, and 8 kinds of Subs with 196607 of each. TheNature has been running 12 cycles taking about 100 hours. The number of Asia has approached 230,000. During those cycles, Asias were going on evolving with repeating to create offspring and killing each other, i.e. natural selection.

As described before, it wasn’t supposed to be in population explosion because the Subs in TheNature has upper limit. In that sense, population explotion exactly didn’t occur — just “population has reached to the limited number”.

Self Organization

Now I am still expecting something; it might calm down into constant balance. Complex system sometimes take this kind of self organization like a┬ávery famous example of simulation “Daisyworld“.

Daisyworld assumes two types of daisy, black daisy that absorbs heat and white one that reflects heat, on a virtual planet. At the beginning of the simulation, the planet is so cold that there are very few black ones and almost no white ones. As black ones multiply, the temperature of planet is getting up slowly, and black ones more and more increase. And when the temperature of planet reached a certain level, white ones also increases. Thus, there will be a lot of black and white daisies in a specific balance. When the temperature comes up, white ones increase and make the temperature down. On the contrary, when the temperature comes down, black ones increase and temperature comes up again.

I would let it continue, and stay observing it some more days.


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