Are Asias Creatures, Cities Or …?

Although I don’t know whether it is a game, what metaphor in the real world are Asias? If they are digital pets, they would be literally creatures. Or if it is a city simulation game, they may be cities or ???
The common point of both creatures and cities is that both is living organism. Needless to say for creatures, cities are also living organism. Unplanned event sometimes occurs out of the city plan. Cities look like creatures while creatures look like cities.

Myopic metaphor of concrete object in the real world

It could be “city” in the meaning of a living organism described above. However, we found the name “city” conjures images of city simulation game that names “city” in different context. “City” in the city simulation game is for the planned city that you can plan and wait for the results. It might have non established story, but in the fact you *plan* everything, it is still established. and that is what we mean established harmony. So it cannot look like living organism. We didn’t want it to be associated with “city” in that context. Or it would be myopic metaphor of concrete object in the real world.

Asia is a metaphor of chaos and non pre-established harmony

We have named “Asia” that is from a region name. In Asia, unexpected event sometimes occurs. Energy of desires and vitality affect the view of city out of plan or law. For us, it is a metaphor of chaos and non pre-established harmony. And it is exactly a living organism.

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