Artificial Life: What Is Life? What Is Artificial Life?

Artificial Life — words with brilliant sound

When I was a child of 1st grade pupil (7 y/o), I loved to feed animals. I used to feed beetles, stag beetles, fish, crayfish, birds, baby ducks, river crabs, lizards, even snakes, etc… And I wanted to create a creature by myself.
Someday, an upperclass pupil hoaxed me that a stone will get a life with watering everyday! I totally believed that and began to water a stone everyday. Fortunately (?), I’m not sure whether I soon despaired that it didn’t get life or not.
No matter whether it is made of protein or not, human beings have been trying to create a life; breeding for improvement, genetic engineering, robot, artificial intelligence, etc…
Creating a life may be one of the biggest dream of human beings.

Watching Artificial Life inspires

It was more than 15 years ago that I got to know and start studying Artificial Life. Soon after I learned it, I programmed a simulator with hundreds of artificial creatures in an ecosystem. It sounds like a prototype of Minnerasia. Each creature has its own characteristics with genetic code, and the information was inherited. And I kept it evolving.
It gave me a lot of discoveries and inspirations.
I have found that there produced some interesting species forming something so to say a “society” in the ecosystem. Venom creature – weak species that accumulates Subs that would be poison for its perennial nemesis. Parasite – creatures that follow after another species for leftover foods. etc…
The most important point here is that I did not program for those interesting behaviors, just programmed for creatures to behave its parameter that  was initiated with random values. And those creatures who could adapt the environment survives.The environment was formed in the interconnectedness among all species.
Here we can say that life is not just for creatures or somethings with materiality. We can say that some things without materiality also have life; ecosystem, society or city. We can call them life forms.

Is Asia An Artificial Life? Is Asia Life?

If we can call such things, ecosystem, society or city, yes we can call Asia in Minnerasia as life and artificial life.
Though it is just in trial-and-error stage, I believe someday we can see interesting stories in it and audience will find the answer for the philosophical question; What is life?

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