Asia As A Metaphor

Asia in the context of Minnerasia may sound like a kind of life form, although the original meaning of the word ‘Asia‘ is, of course, the name of an eastern area. As I am living in Tokyo, the word ‘Asia’ sounds to me as something special.

I have been describing here about Asia (in this site) pretending as if its a common diction. And as the matter of fact, the name Minnerasia itself was named for ‘My inner Asia’.

I have been considering that Asia is the best metaphor for something I feel the most interesting. It’s something like life, city or neural system. Those ones have a certain thing in common that should be expressed in a metaphor of Asia.

The common points are that both those things and Asia are;

  • based on non pre-established harmony
  • extremely chaotic
  • self-organized system
  • puzzling
  • complex system
  • not proper for reductionistic analysis
  • holistic

I still cannot describe about something what I express ‘Asia’ obviously without that word. They are in my mind, my inner Asia. and I’m going to express that by my programming in this site.

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