Asia Is Mickey Mouse in Tokyo Disney Land

Abstract: contrary concept of skeuomorphism

I described that skeuomorphism and skeuomorphic design was ugly and stupid. And the contrary concept of skeuomorphism was abstract. That is exactly correct. Or minimalism may be as well. Anyway, those contrary concept of skeuomorphism should not symbolize or metaphorize anything in the real world.
And there is another dimension that lets us define another contrary concept of skeuomorphism; fictional reality.

Another Dimension: Fictional Reality

Fictional reality quite differ from reality or skeuomorphism. It draws alternate reality as if the world view is true, and paints over the real world. Or it exposes that nothing is real even in the real world.

For example, steam punk draws alternate world based on a posit that steam power was driving forth behind the world. What’s interesting is that all technology including information processing, data transporting and communication infrastructure are done by steam power. There are no computer or network utilizing electronic technology. And that fictional world goes well without them. This must be another anti-skeuomorphism.

Another example is Tokyo Disney Land. They draw pretty much a dream world that we’ve never seen. You cannot smoke in the park, you cannot drink alcohol (you can drink in some restaurants in Disney Sea, though), and you cannot see any buildings outside from inside the park. While Mickey Mouse is dancing at the show, he doesn’t appear in any other Disney Lands all over the world because he is only one in the world. He can move to Hong Kong Disney Land soon after the show in Tokyo is over, in an eye’s blink though.
Audience doesn’t want Disney Land any skeuomorphism. Since I have a mouse-phobia, I would faint away in Tokyo Disney Land if Mickey Mouse was designed more skeuomorphic.

Minnerasia is also a fictional real world

Minnerasia has always been being at the other side of skeuomorphism. Some aspects of it may be abstract, and others are fictional real. Here are some examples;

  • There is no concept of physics
  • There is no concept of space
  • Designed applying principles to be realistic

No concept of physics

There is no concept of physics in Minnerasia world. No gravity, no crash impact, no deflective on contingency. Larger size of Asia doesn’t always win the fight with smaller ones. Asias never tread another ones.
If I programmed those would happen, it would be boring and stupid.

No concept of space

There is no concept of space in Minnerasia world. Subs that are floating in the environment has no location. All Asias in TheNature have chance to take them no matter where they are. Two Asias can mate and create offspring even if they are spatially standoff.
If there were spatial concept in Minnerasia, that may be okay but it would come close to skeuomorphism.

Principles to be realistic

On the other hand however, Minnerasia was designed applying principles to be realistic;

  • Uniqueness
  • Inviolability
  • Persistent

These principles may look like Mickey Mouse principle; there is only one Mickey in the world.
To apply these principles, Minnerasia world can be more consolidated as fictional reality as well as Mickey Mouse.

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