Asia’s Shape is Not Pre-Drawn

One of the examples of Minnerasia’s uniqueness is that Asia‘s shape is not pre-drawn, that is, it’s not to say that each Asia has their ready-made images, but their shapes are drawn in accordance with the parameters in their genetic code.
That takes so much to draw their shape because the viewer program has to draw them one by one. To avoid this, each Asia keeps their images in the database for the next chance to be drawn. And when the image should be re-drawn because the shape has changed, it is re-drawn at that time.
It matters little whether their images are drawn every time or they keep them and just put them on at the next time. The point is that their shapes are generated automatically in accordance with their gene information.

Unpredictable shape — Non pre-established harmony

Because of the above fact, even I, who¬† programmed this, canoot predict how individual Asia will look like. As for the environment, like TheNature, it consists of Asias with such unpredictable shapes, so it will be unpredictable as well. This is an example that Minnerasia adopts one of its principle — Non pre-estableshed harmony.

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