Big Mistakes on Eating Subs and Others

Inequality Between Meateaters and Vegetarians

I have been wondering why ecological pyramid isn’t formed in TheNature. Explaining ecological pyramid briefly, they say that the less trophic level a species has, the more population of the individuals that belonging to the species. In other words, vegetarians populate more than meateaters. Plotting individuals on a chart with carnivorous degree as vertical axis, it forms like pyramid; the lower carnivorous degree, the more population.
And I found there are some fatal bugs in Minnerasia program; there is inequality between meateaters and vegetarians.

In the current algorithm, when an Asia decides whether to eat other Asias, its carnivorous degree is referred. The higher the carnivorous degree the Asia has, the more chance to eat others. Occasionally there would be a case that a vegetarian tries to eat others accidentally.
In the case the Asia decided to eat, it looks at how much it prefers the prey candidate Asia referring how much Subs that it prefers. If the prey candidate doesn’t have its favorite Subs, it gives up to eat.
And in the case the Asia found the prey candidate is its favorite, both vitality are compared. If the predator’s vitality is higher, it eats the prey.
What I made mistake here (bug #1) is that I programmed that the opposite may be happens depending on the situation. In the case that predator’s vitality is lower, the prey candidates eats the predator!
This was because I considered there would be possibility for meateaters to be killed by intended victim. I believe this idea still may be true. However, even in that case, their vitality should be compared.

As for when an Asia decides whether to eat Subs floating in the environment, it looks at how much it prefers each Subs one by one.
The bug #2 is that both meateaters and vegetarians eat Subs floating in the environment. Meateaters eats Subs and other Asias while vegetarians eat only Subs. When an Asia try to eat Subs, its carnivorous degree isn’t referred. That’s unfair. If vegetarians eat only plants, meateaters should seldom eat plants.

Changing the Algorithm

I am going to change the algorithm to debug these mistakes;

  • Eat others judgement
  • Eat Subs judgement
  • No reference to appetite

Eat Others Judgement

When an Asia decides whether to eat others, both the predator’s and prey candidate’s carnivorous degree is compared. In the case the prey candidate’s carnivorous is higher, those position turn back, i.e. predator turns into prey candidate and the prey candidate turns into predator.
After casting the predator and prey candidate, those vitality will be compared and in the case the predator’s vitality is higher, it eats, otherwise nothing happens.

Eat Subs Judgement

When an Asia decides whether to eat Subs, its carnivorous degree will be refered. The lower its carnivorous degree is, the more chance to eat Subs.

Employing a Concept of Appetite

Another mistake I found is that there are no concept of appetite when an Asia deside to eat Subs or others. They go on eating to full like stupid. Since I employed the concept of stomach capacity, appetite should be refered to deside whether to eat.

Origin #002

After I debug these fatal bugs above, I am going to apply them to Origin #001 to check if they work. So the Origin #001 will become “not natural” because the essential rules that have been developing the current ecological balance in TheNature will be changed.
After I check those debug worked, I am going to re-start TheNature from the beginning as Origin #002.

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