Closed System

Another dimension of ecosystem

Observation of TheNature may often mean watching Asias and their behaviours. However, there is another view point — Subs. As described before, population of Asia depends on Subs. Subs in an environment,  i.e. TheNature, Asiarium or Breeding Farm, stay in the environment changing their form; as naked Subs drifting in the environment or as a part of Asia’s body.

Total amount of Subs in TheNature stays constant

Even if Subs in an environment change their form, total amount of Subs in a closed system stays constant. So you don’t have to feed Asias like you don’t have to feed wild animals in real life. Yes, nature in real life or the earth are also closed system. Although those case are much more complex, Subs sometimes change their form as energy, total amount of mass stays constant.
The definition of the word “closed system” is still controversial though, we can call these environment as “closed system”.

Biochemical cycle

As for the earth, total amount of Subs like carbon, water or oxygen stay constant. They are repeatedly re-used and circulate in the environment changing their forms.
In TheNature of Minnerasia, we can see similar behaviour. Subs are repeatedly re-used and circulate in TheNature. We can call TheNature as closed system, and further more, an environment with biochemical cycle.

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