Could This Be Art?

Is It Mad Scientist’s Lab?

This site may look something like a place for a mad scientist  to show his study results.
Yes, exactly it was originally started for that purpose and I’ve been showing the results of the study in real time. I would like you to enjoy to see them and be interested in the background technology, genetic algorithm, artificial life, neural network, etc.

Is It a Breeding Game?

On another front, I would like you to enjoy it as a game. In the near future, I will release Asiarium, which you can breed your favorite Asias in. Minnerasia will turn into a simulation game or a breeding game that you can breed Asias.

It Is a Conceptual Art

All these aspects that I intended can be consolidated as a conceptual art.
I consider it as a conceptual art no matter what the correct definition of that word should be. I’ve been trying to express hypostasis of life. In that context, I would say it is an art.
In other words, even if you enjoy it as a game or you just study what artificial life is on this site, there always is a concept that I intended to express; hypostasis of life.

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