Design Priciples of Asia to be Realistic

Now I’m developing the system by trial and error, so Asias‘ design might be change in the near future.
But conceptually, the format of Asia will be fixed someday, adopting the following principles.

  • Uniqueness
  • Inviolability
  • Persistent


Individual objects like Asias should be global unique. They have internally a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)

, so in the case, someday it would be exported to the external world, servers or audiences’ local machine, they will keep those UUIDs and no one can copy them illegally.


Nobody, even I, a designer & a developer of Asia, can edit genetic code of Asias. The data of each Asia includes check code in it so that the system can notice in the case the data was changed / feigned.


Format of gene information will not be changed. Once the design and format of gene information is fixed, it should not be changed. So there will not be version up eternally.

With these principles, Asias and the world with them will be realistic, I believe.

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