Drawing Something Complex By Simple Motif And Simple Rule

Amount of information is the key to be organic

What is the difference between something organic and inorganic? One of the answer for the question is amount of information. An organic material has huge amount of information regarding its shape and also its composition.

If you try to draw something by mathematical expression, it must be much easier to draw something inorganic than organic. You may sometimes be able to do it with simple mathematical expression.

However, as for something organic, it will be much more difficult to draw. It may look almost impossible to draw it with mathematical expression.
This is pretty much what I have been trying.


In order to make it looks organic, the drawing should be rhythmical. You can easily find that everything organic in nature have rhythmical shapes. It should have good adjustment; not too much unregulated, not too much simple. If it is too much unregulated, it will be coming closer to noise. So you cannot draw it by random expression. Or if it is too much simple, it will be boring.

Self-similar / Repetition / Discontinuity

What we have learned from fractal geometry was that something organic in nature has the following aspects;
- Self-similarity
- Eternal repetition
- Discontinuity

Many things that we can find in nature have shapes with self-similarity. Observing a very detailed portion has a very similar shape with the whole one. This can be said that it’s not only on the shape, but characteristic.

Shapes of organic materials consist of millions of portion. So when you draw it, you have to repeat portion in excruciating detail. This has to be both vertically and horizontally — A small portion consists of even smaller portion, and the smaller portion also consists of…, this is what I mean “vertical” repetition. And “horizontally”: a portion that belongs to a level should repeat in that level.

With vertical-horizontal repetition, the shape will be getting complex and there will be no smooth surface. You can find that there are no smooth surface in the real world. Even if you try to draw a surface of something in nature, the curve cannot be differentiated, i.e. the curve is non contiguous. Repeating small portion eternally makes indifferentiable surface.

Now you could draw something organic. What you have to note here is, the small portion that should be repeated can be very simple shape like circles. You can draw something complex by simple motif and simple rule.

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