Drawing Something Organic Made Of Inorganic

Fractal Geometry:  Non-Integer Dimensionality

They say Koch Curve is one of basic fractal curves.
You can easily draw it by very simple rule. It starts as a simple polygonal line consists 4 lines. And key point here is, it iterates as “self-similar”; you draw another same shape of polygonal line that is scaled down to one of the portion line of parent.
As iterating this process, lines, which are one dimension, is versing to plane, though it cannot be a perfect plane.
So it is called as “non-integer dimensionality”, in this case, we can call it 1.x dimension.
This non-integer dimensionality is one of an important aspect of fractal geometry.

Organic Shape Made Of Inorganic

If we could iterate these process eternally, the dimension would be getting much closer to 2 dimension, and getting much textured.
and you can also find that it will be getting organic shape. what interesting is that you can easily draw an organic shape even with set of very inorganic shapes; simple lines.
You can find similar stuffs in the real life or in nature. and it conjures that there are nothing with smooth surface; if you could watch it through a microscope, you will find a textured surface, even it looks very smooth with the naked eye.

Asia‘s shapes are pretty much drawn to show this concept; there are no smooth surface anywhere. And with this concept, Asia can look like organic.

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