Effectiveness / Preference to Subs are Key to Live Long

Do smokers smoke just for the fun of it?
Now I don’t smoke at all, moreover have got a tobaccophobe after success to quit, I used to be a chain smoker that smokes 2 boxes of L*RK a day though. I knew that smoking is not good for my health, but it had been so hard to quit.

Asia’s Vitality Increases/Decreases Depending on Its Effectiveness and How Much Subs It Got

There are 8 kinds of Subs in TheNature. Those are not named, let’s call just like “SubsA” to “SubsH”.
Each Asias has their characteristics; Effectiveness to Subs and Preference to Subs.
Those who got Subs of positive effectiveness increase their vitality while the other got the ones of negative effectiveness get weaks.
For example, when an Asia whose effectiveness to Subs-A is +0.5 got 4 Subs-A increases its vitality +2. When the other whose effectiveness to Subs-A is -0.5 got 4 Subs-A decreases its vitality -2. When an asia’s vitality got zero, it dies.

Eat It or Not Depends on Preference to Subs

Whether / How much an Asia eat Subs will be decided by its characteristics “preference to Subs”. When an Asia consider if it try to get Subs, first it is referred to its preference.
The higher degree of preference it has to the Subs, the more possibility to get it. And then, the number how many Subs to get will be decided.
Same is true when a meat-eater tries to eat other Asia.
In that case, total Subs that the prey has accumulated will be refered to the meat-eaters preference one by one, and then it will be decided whether the meat-eater would eat it.

Asias Are Not Always Halth-Conscious

The key point here is the decision whether it eats an Subs or an Asia isn’t in accordance with whether it would be healthy or not — just whether the Asia like it or not. So some Asia prefers Subs even that is bad for its health, like smokers keep smoking despite knowing that it is not good for his/her health.
It is obvious that those who have good fit of preference and  effectiveness may live longer; those who prefere healthy Subs survive.

A Story of Weak Venom Species

Here I’ve seen an interesting case. A weak species, which had no degree of carnivorous, had evolved to increase the degree of preference to a Subs that are poisons for its natural enemy, meat-eaters. Though all those weak species did was to be eaten, the natural enemy were died soon after they eat them. So that weak individual could save its family to be a victim. It was a strategy to multiply of the species.

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