Employing A Concept Of Stomach Capacity

To avoid for super big eaters to eat up all other Asias, a concept of stomach capacity will be employed for trial #005, and it’s almost done. There were more stuffs to be considered than I expected. There will be several case that stomach capacity should be considered to decide how many Subs to eat. And what should do in the case that an Asia leaves some Subs because its stomach is full. Here are possible cases;

  • An Asia try to eat Subs in the environment
  • An Asia try to eat other Asia
  • Asias reproduce their children

Case #1: An Asia try to eat Subs in the environment

This is the simplest case of these. All Subs in the environment exist as single material, so how many to eat can be decided by checking the Asia’s stomach capacity and how many Subs it’s already have. Let’s say an Asia try to eat 10 Subs A while its stomach capacity for Subs A is 20 and it has already had 15, only 5 will be eaten. This is very simple math.

Case #2: An Asia try to eat other Asia

This case should be broken down into 2 cases; the Asia win and can eat the other one, and the Asia loose and is eaten by the other.

In both case, the point is that all Subs that looser has had can not always be eaten by the winner. The winner sometimes have to leave some Subs because of a full stomach. For instance, an Asia who has 10 Subs A is about to be eaten by an enemy Asia. The enemy Asia’s capacity for Subs A is 20, and it has already had 18, so it have to leave 2. So where will those 2 Subs A go? — in the environment.

Case #3: Asias reproduce their children

This case is similar to case #2, yet there may not be left Subs to go to the environment. When a pair of Asias try to reproduce their children, they will give some Subs to the children. How many Subs to be given is decided in accordance with the child’s capacity. And how many Subs to give is decided at random. So in the case that random number is bigger than the child’s capacity, those parents give that capacity amount.

And in these cases, we need to consider another case that Asias die because of eating Subs that are not good for its health. This can be happened. In that case, all Subs that the Asia has been saving will be released into the environment.
In these possible cases, there can be rooms for bugs that Subs leak out and total number in TheNature corrupts. Really headache…


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