Experiment: After Narrowed Down The Species

As I announced, I found Subs in TheNature were leaking. And now I have some difficulty with identifying where they are leaking because that seems to be very rare case that occurs only under a particular set of condition. So it takes very much time to reproduce the defect, thus it also takes me to fix it.

In order to simplify the situation, I have reduced numbers of Asias in TheNature down to 130, and am waiting for reproduction.

A trick that might be interesting

Now I come up with a trick that might be interesting.
After I fixed this defect, it will be to restart again. Of course each Subs in TheNature would be set 12,287 and random generated 1,000 Asias just like trial #002.

But I’m very curious how it will be if it re-starts with only those 130 Asias while total Subs are filled up to 12,287 each?

As for the current situation with 130 Asias, Subs in TheNature have run dry, and those Asias are competing for those very few Subs. Pretty much ‘feeding frenzy’. This is because when I reduced Asias for debugging, reducing Asia means reducing Subs that those Asias owned. So the total number of Subs were very few.

And if I add enough Subs for those few Asias, they will start propagating. And what would be going on?

Re-starting from few species

There are only 9 species including the ones with only one individual.

species Experiment: After Narrowed Down The SpeciesFigure-1

The distribution is like follows;

1: 51
5:  8
6:  3
7:  1
8:  1
9:  1

Note that we called those ones only one individuals ‘mutants’ , so we might have to say ‘there are 6 species and 3 mutants’.

Comparing with the diversity with 437 species at the cycle 100, this is extreme convergence of species.And if I add enough Subs into this, those very few species will propagate keeping that poor diversity. But I still wonder if that is true?

 Mutants and their offspring

There may occur mutation during their propagation, and that will make them undergo differentiation into many subspecies.

It’s worth to try.


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