Features In The Future 20120729

Although TheNature is still undergoing a process of trial and error now, here I write a brief note of feature of the future that I’m considering.
Thus far, I have described some features in the future like follows;

  • Public Breeding Farm
  • Asiarium
  • Personal Breeding Farm


Public Breeding Farm

Public Breeding Farm is a breeding farm owned by Minnerasia, and it is a place to breed Asias that harvested in TheNature. Minnerasia is going to breed some particular species in order for audience to choose and take out to their own Asiariums.

There will be several kinds of Public Breeding Farm that breed for same number of species so that we will be able to supply variety kind of Asias to audience.


Audience will be able to put some Asias into their own Asiarium. As described before, you cannot feed or breed Asias in it. All you can do on Asias in Asiarium is just to watch.

Asiarium will be designed as a closed system, which you cannot increase or decrease Subs in it. And there you’ll see evolution of Asias.

Personal Breeding Farm

In Personal Breeding Farm, you will be able to increase/decrease number of Subs so that you can improve the better environment for Asias you have. In addition, you will be able to choose your Asias to breed so you can create your favourite type of species repeating the selection.

There will be those 3 types of fields for Asias in addition to TheNature. And those each field has another features;

Episode Track

A description of what happened in the field. You can feel Asias’ stories happened in TheNature, Asiarium or Breeding Farms.

Asias List

All Asias in the field will be listed in the Asias List. You will be able to choose on Asias List of Breeding Farm or just browse Asias List of TheNature, etc.

These 2 features will be implemented on TheNature at first.


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