Features in the Future


Asiarium is a closed environment that you can own and put your Asias in it. It, so to speak, is a miniature of TheNature. However, the difference between TheNature is not only their size and capacity.
In Asiarium, no xenogeneic cross occurs, that is, only between conspecific species can create offspring.
Since Asiarium is a “closed” environment, you cannot adjust, i.e. increase/reduce, the number of each subjects in it.

You’ll see your unique stories

All you can do with Asiarium is to put some Asias and watch. You cannot feed them as it is closed environment, miniature nature with favorite Asias.
Those Asias might create their offspring in it, or might die from starvation. They might cause population explosion in it…
Anyway, you will see your unique stories with it that even the programmer of it hasn’t expected.

Breeding Farm

Breeding Farm is an environment that you can own and breed your own Asias in it. As with Asiarium, no xenogeneic cross occurs in Breeding Farm, that is, only between conspecific species can create offspring.
The difference between Asiarium and Breeding Farm is that you can increase/reduce subjects in Breeding Farm, so you can vary maximum number of Asia varying the valume of Subs.
And another feature of Breeding Farm will be that you can breed Asias in it. You can cull some favorite individuals and improve. For example, you collected some favorite color of Asias and they created offspring. You can select favorite color of offspring and cull the rest. So they will be getting closer to your ideal ones.

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