Genetic Code: Samsara (Reincarnation) / Eternal Life

In Buddhism and also in Hindu, samsara (reincarnation) is an important idea that tells your life goes on eternally. Personally, I was born and have been living in Japan, where has both aspect sophisticated modernism and traditionally Buddhism. Although these days most of people in this country don’t believe this idea, I still believe it.
When we discuss on samsara or eternity of life (or soul), we have to define what life or soul before that. What I meant I believe in samsara was in the meaning of life/soul to be in the broad sense of term. As Timothy Leary said, I think the only one creature that exists on the earth is DNA, and the purpose of all species and living lives that independently got material body is to evolve beyond the earth. I totally agree this opinion. And in this meaning, I believe samsara.

Let’s get back to Minnerasia. In TheNature, you can see DNA(genetic code) is going on eternally even though individual Asia dies. It is to say that TheNature is a simulation that DNA as an eternal living live and evolve. Here is also samsara in TheNature.

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