Genetic Code / State Data

Each Asia has its genetic code and state data. What’s the difference between them?
Simple explanation, gene information is literally information of gene that is to be inherited to offspring. As for the state data is data that is not inherited.

Gene Information

Includes individual Asia’s shape, color and characteristics. Data structure of shape and color has tree structure, which differs depending on species. Other data, like degree of carnivorous, effectiveness and preference to Subs, productivity, life duration etc., have simple 1 dimension structure.
Although gene information can be crossed to create new generation and will be inherited, both parents should be same species, i.e. should have same tree structure, to do conspecific cross. In the case of xenogeneic cross, different two parents can cross since the cross will be done even between the different tree structure.

State Data

Includes current state, like vitality, amount of accumulating Subs, birth date etc…  These won’t be inherited to offspring. And they are varying every moment according to its state. According to one popular theory in the field of genetics, acquired predisposition are never inherited to offspring.

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