Harvest From TheNature

Different evolution outside TheNature

After it will be possible to harvest Asias from TheNature outside, you will be able to have fun with following features;


You will be able to choose Asias in Minnerasia Shop, and put them into your own Asiarium. Since you can choose Asias and arrange them, you can make your cool Asiarium as you like.

Breeding Farm

There will be 2 types of Breeding Farm, Public Breeding Farm and Personal Breeding Farm.

Public Breeding Farm is owned by Minnerasia and for breeding species for Minnerasia Shop. You will be able to choose them there. Or it might also be possible to choose wild ones harvested from TheNature through Minnerasia Shop.

Personal Breeding Farm is owned by you and you can freely breed by artificial selection. So you will be able to create your favorite type of species repeating selection and crossing.

Asias to be real

Since natural Asias would be out of TheNature, we need to define the principle for Asias to be realistic. Remember again;

  • Uniqueness
  • Inviolability
  • Persistent

In order for Minnerasia world to be realistic, these principle is essential.

You shouldn’t release ones artificial selected into nature

In order to keep the biological diversity, we should not re-release Asias that we have harvested into TheNature again. This is another important principle.

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