How To ‘Vacuum’ Substances In TheNature

The total amount of Subs in TheNature is calculated as follow;

Subs of all Asias + Subs in the environment

And this amount should always be constant.
In the situation that Asias eat up almost all Subs, there are very few of rest ones in the environment. So how can we reduce total amount of Subs in TheNature?

The answer is to make each Subs’s count ‘minus’.
Let’s say, there are 1000 of Subs-A in TheNature, and Asias there keeps 990 and 10 are in the environment. In the case we need to reduce this total amount to 500, so set the amount of Subs-A in the environment to -490.

When an Asia try to take a Subs from the environment while there aren’t enough, that Asia gives up. On the other hand, Subs that are kept by Asia are sometimes transferred by egestion, leftover when someone tries to eat another one, or someone dies. In those case, minus value of the Subs count in the environment will increases, let’s say -490 will be -480.
Subs of all Asias will be gradually decreasing while Subs in the environment will be coming closer to zero over time.

To make the Subs amount in the environment to minus value, it will be just like vacuum, and it vacuums Subs that Asias keeps.


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