Implementing A Concept Of Eyesight Onto Asias

As described before, I am considering to implement on Asias an ability to feel sexual allures of others so that they can decide if they try to mate with that spouse candidate. If they got that ability, they can also decide if they try to catch and eat others in accordance with the sensitive ability. One of possible sensitive organ for them is eyesight.

Abilities that Asias will take if they got eyesight

What may be interesting if Asia has a sensitive organ is that they may evolve with using the sensitivity. If they got eyesight, they will be able;

  • To choose spouse to mate with
  • To choose others to eat

To choose spouse to mate with

If they could choose spouse to mate with in accordance with eyesight, spouse candidates will evolve to take better looking to be chosen. This can be seen in nature or human society in the real world. Those who got good looking to be chosen and good ability to see and decide good spouse will multiply.

To choose others to eat

If they could choose others to eat, they will be able to choose good species for their health or to avoid venom species for them. And as for preys, they may evolve to avoid from their natural enemies. Mimicry is a good example you can see in the real nature. Even if Asias got eyesight, all meat eaters can is to see simply with a few information and decide if they would eat or not, so the mimicry may succeed.

How will the implementation be?

To implement a sensitive ability onto an Asia, basically it will need to consist of 3 parts; input, calculation and output. As for the eyesight, they may be like follows;

They will decide somethings with this result value; it will be compared with another value that indicates the Aisia’s characteristics; e.g. degree of reproducibility. Let’s say an Asia whose reproducibility is +0.8 is considering to mate with another Asia. It looks the spouse candidate with its eyesight, the shape and color will be input into its input node (=retina). Those information will be calculated through neural network and then the result output is +0.4 (<+0.8). So the Asia decides to create offspring with it. Here the less result value is output, the more possibility to be chosen.

Though no body knows the decision was correct answer, those who are appropriate to the environment will survive with repeating this. The correct answer will be made in the evolution.

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