Is Minnerasia A Miniature Version Of Something?

Since Minnerasia is a simulation (or a simulation game), it should simulate something in the real world or hypothesis. Hence it should be a miniature version of something in real life. Here I’m giving some examples;

Food chain in the ecosystem

Ecological pyramid

One of similarities between Minnerasia and food chain in the ecosystem is that there are some cases that Minnerasia shows ecological pyramid, which you can see in the real ecosystem. The weakest preys in the ecosystem will be eaten by a predator in the next level, which eats more than one preys. If the predator eat them all, there will not be enough food for the species of that predator, so the species will perish. Thus, there in an ecosystem are more number of preys than predators. And that predator will be prey for the ones in next level, which are even strong and smaller number.

Both in real ecosystem and Minnerasia, the balance of number of species will be like this. i.e. weaker – larger number, stronger – smaller number. And then, there will be formed an ecological pyramid.


In the food chain seen in the real ecosystem, all kind of species can be grouped into 3 types; producer, consumer and decomposer. This grouping can be explained by focusing on nutrition circle. Producers, almost always plants, create oxygen and nutrition by photosynthesise. Consumers, animals, consume the nutrition by eating those producers. And decomposers, micro-organism, decompose dead shapes and body wastes of producers and consumers into nutrition for producers.

As for Minnerasia, there are no grouping into these 3 types because there are no concept of “nutrition”. For it to have the concept of nutrition, substances should have another concept of synthesis and decomposition.
Unfortunately, Subs(=substances) in Minnerasia are quite primitive ones and won’t be synthesized or decomposed.

Human society

As ecosystem of Minnerasia is evolving, there gets be seen some interesting relationships between species. Prey-predator relationship, storategies to save offspring or parasitism. They are so to say a low-level of “society”. It contains some lessons that we can learn and aply to our life in human society. — Meateaters are not always stronger than vegetarians. You need strategies to survive. The more you try something, the more chances you’ll get, etc…


In Minnerasia, genetic code will continue to live and evolve over generation of species. I think this can be called as reincarnation since I think reincarnation is not for individuals but for DNA.


The longer an individual can survive, the more chance it can get to create offspring. Thus the species will flourish. All lives in the real world are offspring of winner with no exception. Imagine, there have never been a man/woman in your ancestor that died before at the age they could create offspring. We all have winners’ gene information by nature.
The same is true for Minnerasia. With repetition of evolution, there would be full of winners and they would still continue compete and evolve to flourish.

Minnerasia is a miniature version of something that you can see in the real world. And you can learn a lot from it by observing.

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