Life Duration And Adult Age Is Not Always Proportional

How old to be able to create offspring?

When I handled an ALife game site, someone gave me an email with his opinion that creatures should not create offspring in their childhood. He said his opinion was from moral viewpoint because there were some school kids or younger ones in audience. So I set the adult age to 18 that creatures could create offspring, even though the life duration was around 30 – 40. Now I think it didn’t have to be 18 for the creatures of 30-40 life duration. But, indeed, 18 was convincing number as adult age.

Now back to Minnerasia. Each Asias also has its adult age that can create offspring set 1-10. The unit is “circle” which computer imparts each creature as their life activity like eating, creating offspring, egestion, etc. It might be too young as their life duration is 0-100 circles. Someone might reclaims again. However, now I have changed my idea. Asia is not human being. Moreover, it might not be a creature. (I have never told that Asia is creature or city or anything)
So how old is appropriate to be able to create offspring is out of scope of morality.

Relationship between adult age and life duration

Now, there is some sort of range in adult age (1-10) and life duration(0-100) of Asia. They depend on individuals. So some ones have long life duration with availability of creating offspring at very young age, while some others can start bearing children at very old. There is no relationship between those two parameters.
In addition, there is another aspect: fertility and number of children in one bearing. We cannot tell that combination of those parameters are best because that will be decided with the relationship in the environment.

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