Mathematical Inspiration

What mathematical knowledges I was inspired
I have started programming at the age of 13, so it’s been more than 30 years to be a programmer excepting whether professional or amateur from consideration. During these days as a programmer, I have been inspired by 2 mathematical knowledges; random function and synthesized periodic function.

Random function
It was soon after I started programing that I know random function. Random function is a programing function that generates random decimal number between 0 to 1. It returns different value at random every time you call it.
That was very surprise for me, only 13 years old who has just started studying mathematics in junior high school. Soon I noticed that was a key to program games, though I couldn’t imagine the algorithm to generate random numbers that varies every time.

This function  is one of the most important functions especially for game programing. Without it, you would get same order of numbers on roulette game, so you could get very rich. Programer for the roulette game should decide the number with the random function. Or it can be utilized for every stuff to be defined at random.

One of the demerits of random function is that it has no reproducibility. When you program a character with random parameters with this function that defines shape and colors, for example, and found a very good combination of parameters that draws very cool character, you cannot re-draw it after you re-run the program.
Another demerit is that it has no seriality. Of course this can be merit for some cases though. For example, if you use this function to draw a character, coordinate of which is defined with this function, the shape will be messed up like drawing by baby. The numbers random function generates will be chaotic mess.

Synthesized periodic function
It was just when I learned trigonometric function at high school that FM(Frequency Modulation) synthesizer was released by Yamaha.
(Though I didn’t like those Yamaha’s synthesizers so much. I prefer Roland‘s analog synthesizers!)

FM is a technology to generate many kind of sound color by synthesizing multiple sine waves. Logically, any kind of sound colors can be reproduced by synthesizing sine waves.

And this is also true on curves. Any shapes can be drawn approximately with synthesizing multiple waves. This idea is utilized for drawing shapes of Asia in Minnerasia. The good news is this has reproducibility and seriality.

The number of parameters to express is very few, and if those parameters are recorded, the shape can be reproduced perfectly. The point is that the number of parameters is very few.

To tell the truth, I have not been good at mathematics class during I was a student in high school and university. But when I noticed something learned seems to be interesting to program something, I studied a lot. Now those inspirations I have received is forming this Minnerasia.

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