Metaphysical / Real

Minnerasia world is intended to be both metaphysical and real. It is designed as a metaphysical game that you cannot find any analogy in the real world. On the other hand, it is also designed to conform with the real world. Though these two aspects might be antinomic, we’d like to keep these two aspects as a principle concept.


For Minnerasia world to be metaphysical is important aspect to be a metaphysical game or conceptual art.
We didn’t want to create a very fine looking game or something make you say wow on graphics.

2D world

At first, we designed Asias as 3D. But soon we have noticed that that was not what we wanted. Indeed, even Asias were drawn in 3D, they still looked not to be found anywhere. However, we felt that the concept would be fogged by the fineness to be 3D.
The real world is 3D and there are no 2 dimension. Only in the metaphysics. You may be easily able to imagine 2D world but it is only in your mind. So is the Minnerasia world. To be drawn in 2D, it could be metaphysical.

No names for Subs

In the Minnerasia world, there are 8 kind of Subs with no name. As a game, we could name them like “vitamin-x” or “mineral-x (or minneral-x?)” but we didn’t. They don’t have to have their name to be in the Minnerasia world.

No physical law

In the Minnerasia world, there is no physical law; no gravity, no crash impact, no deflective on contingency.
Because Asias are not physical existence, there no need to have those reality.

No spacial concept

As well as physical law, there are no spacial concept in the Minnerasia world. So sometimes two Asias might mate and create offspring without touch, moreover, over internet; parent A in Japan mates with parent B in the USA for example.
Now I’m not sure though, no special concept means no time concept at the same time. When we imagine mating over internet, there should not be time concept.


And on the other hand, the Minnerasia world is also¬† intended to be real. That doesn’t mean it is also “physical”. It should be called like as “conceptually real”.

Design principles

Design principles of Asia is intended for Asia to be conceptually real.
-No pre-established harmony

Since we didn’t want to create a narrative, it shouldn’t have per-established story. The environment will evolve depending on the relationship of respective individuals of Asia. Even the programmer that designed the Minnerasia cannot predict how it will be. In addition, as the shape and color of Asia is drawn in accordance with the genetic code and they keep on evolving, the programmer cannot predict how Asia will look like.

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