Minnerasia Is Still In The Trial-And-Error Stage

This site has just started and we are still developing. Yes, it’s still in the trial-and-error stage.
Today, we have released a new feature TheNature Tour. Now you can explore TheNature without dragging.
And as already announced, we have some another Features in the Future.

Not only the ones above, we are developing somethings invisible. Improving performance, tuning the format of Asiasgenetic code or  tuning to find the best value to avoid population explosion, etc…
What we’d like to note here is that TheNature is also still in the trial-and-error stage. That means TheNature may be reset and re-start from zero some days some times.

Someday, after we fix the format of Asia, TheNature can become a eternal nature.
Before that, we try and get errors, and TheNature sometimes re-starts from quite different looking.

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