Non Pre-Established Harmony

It is difficult to say whether Minnerasia is a game or not. Although I don’t play computer game so much except pinball games, one of the most distinguished difference between Minnerasia and other computer games is that Minnerasia is non pre-established oriented.

Here I describe how Minnerasia is non pre-established oriented.

Asias shape, color and characteristic

Asias shape and color are calculated with a lot of parameters that are stored as genetic code of each Asia. Those parameters would be inherited to their offspring, and what should be noted is that those parameters would be varied by crossing of parents’ ones in the inheritance. Since the child’s shape and colors will be calculated with those ‘new’ parameters, we cannot guess how the child would look like. The same is true for Asias’ characteristics such as degree of carnivorous, reproductivity or effectiveness/preference to Subs, etc. Even I, who designed and programed them, cannot guess how the ecosystem would be or what kind of Asias would come out.

Meat eaters are not always winners

In the common sense, the stronger an Asia is, the more power to survive it has. You may think only meat eaters will survive in the world of jungle rule. But just see the real world. In the ecosystem with living forms that have repeated evolution for 4.5 billion years, there are still plant eating animals, and they are much more than meat eating animals.
Those plant eaters have had their own strategies to survive and create their offspring.

In Minnerasia, we cannot guess what would happen. There might be only meat eaters world that Asias always fight and eat each other, or there might be new relationships between meat eaters and plant eaters. We cannot guess.

Stories are created by adaptivity

To and Asia, all others and Subs are its environment, and it should adapt to them to survive. So how they adapt? They don’t vary their parameters by themselves. Individuals that have good parameters to live in the environment live longer, so they have more chance to create offsprings. Thus, there will be a lot of the ones that could adapt to the environment.

Their survivals will also be another environment to others. For example, a meat eating species that has a characteristic increases in an environment, prey species for them will get their characteristic to avoid them according to those enemies characteristic.

A game with pre-established harmony need scripts to create stories. The more stories the game has, the more interesting it will be. But Minnerasia has no pre-scripted stories, or we could say it has an infinite of stories.


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