(Not In The Name Of Justice, But) Respect For Lives

I have been a death-penalty opponent for a long time. Although I have not actually been an activist working for justice, I just have a personal opinion simply that death-penalty is wrong. Even as if there were any good reason, human should not kill other lives. So I have been a vegetarian for more than 5 years, I’m still not a perfect vegetarian though; sometimes eat fish and sea food and meat on April fool. Anyway, it’s not because of justice nor any kind of activity, but just because of respect for lives, organic beings and complexity.

However, I have been stupid enough that I have not considered so much on ecology. To be honest, rather I have been feeling it dubious. I don’t like blazon of justice from a safe place, and I’ve thought ecology is such kind of movement.

Working for creating artificial life made me change my idea. Now I’ve found that ecology is also directly related to respect for lives. Not only animal lives have lives to be respected, but also ecosystem itself is pretty much a life form.

Extinct species, forest destruction, desertification or global heating are all caused by human activity not the rule of nature. Human being should not bring another rule to nature that have been living in natural rule.

It’s also true on virtual ecosystem, TheNature. TheNature with enormous number of repetition of cycle will be so precious that we cannot reproduce without enough time and resources. I am going to take extreme care of it and its concept.


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