Nothing To Symbolize, Nothing To Metaphorize

Anti-Skeuomorphic Design

I was excited to read this article on industrial design of Apple that Jony Ive would overhaul the existing iOS and OS X interface with skeuomorphic design.
Although I’m not emotionally involved with Apple or their design very much, this is a good news for me because I don’t like thumbnails of eBooks listed on a wooden book shelf or text editor looking like ruled yellow note pad. I don’t know what the purpose of them to mimic the ones in real world. I don’t think that improves their usability or makes them more sexy. Rather that just makes them cheap and kitsch. Skeuomorphic design in computer world are not only ugly, but also evil.

Programmers should show new world that users have never seen

It’s my theory that computer experience doesn’t have to be representational paintings. Computer programmers should show new world that users have never seen with ways striking them as most convincing to use. That must naturally be somethings like abstract painting. Swiping, double tapping or pinching are exactly easy-to-learn but they don’t represent something in the real world. They all are just gestures, which are highly abstract like symbols.
Computer programmers need to invent an innovative way to choose a book and pick it up beyond a cheap metaphor of a wooden book shelf.

I am a Maximalist

These description above might be a little misleading that I was a minimalist, but I may not. Rather, I am so to say a maximalist, who creates complex works with combination and buildup simple motif and simple rules. However, that would never go to skeuomorphic design. Complex works made of simple stuff and simple rules are still abstract. There are nothing to symbolize, nothing to metaphorize. They also are anti-skeuomorphism.

Anti-Skeuomorphic Concept

Skeuomorphic concept is ugly as well as skeuomorphic design. Simulation games that draw real world need to be programmed to go through scripts. They need to be pre-established with predictable stories. They may be selectable in some scripted destiny at the most. That doesn’t show any new experience with programmer’s magic. That is not so interesting. And I intend for Minnerasia to be non pre-established simulation.

This is why I don’t like VR(Virtual Reality) or 3D movies.
This is why I designed Minnerasia world as 2D not 3D.
This is why I didn’t name 4 types of Subs like as oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, protein, etc.
This is why I named them “Asia”, not creatures or cities.

There should be nothing to symbolize, nothing to metaphorize.

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