OID Is Universally Unique / Name Is Not Unique

Each Asia has its unique identifier OID (Object IDentifier) that is generated as UUID(Universally Unique IDentifier) with 16 bytes of values. In the Minnerasia programs, every Asias are managed with these OID. They are indeed “universally” unique as there can be around 5.3 x 1036 combinations with 16 bytes values.

On the other hand as for human readability, we cannot say those UUID are human readable. It’s a little absurd to call an Asia like ” 263a521e-6bf6-331b-2ae3-8cd641322c543aab ate other Asia 441c2ef9-3b87-9aa8-cdf4-42a1cc455216ba5f”.

So each Asia has another shorter name that was generated according to their ID. Since those names are generated by lossy compression, they are not unique, i.e. there can be Asias having same name. This makes sense just like there can be people having same first and last name while they have different identities in the real world.

In order to make it pronounceable, those names are generated with some pairs of consonant and vowel.

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