Population Of Asia Depends On Subs

Population depends on total amount of Subs

Since the maximum number of Asia is not defined, it can increase eternally if there are enough amount of Subs. Or if Subs in the environment runs dry, the population of Asia peaks out. Of course even in that case, demolition will never occur since living Asias are always food for meat-eaters or dead Asias, which contains Subs, can be food for others. That will be digenesis between generation.
Anyway, to avoid population explosion, we need to find the appropriate amount of Subs.

Distribution of asia depends on balance of Subs

Each species of Asia has its characteristics against Subs; effectiveness and preference. Asias that accumulates Subs with positive effectiveness live longer than those who accumulates the ones with negative effectiveness. To take sustenance or to take poison.

What should be noted here is that Asias will not always take sustenance; that depends on their preference to those Subs. Some accumulates poison because its degree of preference to the poison is high.
Sooner or later, those species are to perish though.

Or if there are enough Subs that is sustenance for a species, those species will flourish.
Anyway, balance of Subs affects the distribution of species in an environment.

How games go?


In Asiarium, you cannot tune the amount of Subs, so you can just watch how the closed ecosystem will be.

Breeding Farm

In Breeding Farm, how you tune the balance of Subs will be the key to keep the favorite species.

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