Population of TheNature Has Got To 100,000

Finally, Found a Sweet Spot

As I described, I had added Subs into TheNature to condition the population to the target number, 100,000 and at last it has got to 100,000 with 110,591(0x1afff) of each Subs. This Subs number seems to be sweet spot for the population of 100,000.

Will It Be Varied Again?

When an Asia is exported to PublicFarm, all Subs that the Asia owns will be once released into TheNature, and then the Asia will get the same number of Subs from the destination PublicFarm. So the total number of Subs both in TheNature and the destination PublicFarm will be same as before.
So the total Subs number will be constant.

How About The Population?

After Asias export from TheNature, the population will once decrease as exported.
But since the total Subs number is the same as before, there will be “floating” Subs in the environment, and that leads population increase again. So the population will be stable around 100,000 even after export.

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