Population Or Repetition?

Current trial of TheNature started with 196,607 of each Subs, i.e. 196,607×8 = 1,572,856 total Subs, and the population of Asia has got up to more than 310,000. Now it will be limited because no new creatures can be created without Subs.

With 310,000+ of Asias, it takes too much to run a cycle, so it is still running the age of 14th.

In order to see how evolving is, we need to repeat cycle many times. So I decide to re-start it with much less Subs to limit the total number of Asias.

Here I list pro/con to do that.

Pro: It’s going to be possible to repeat more times in less period.

This is the only merit to reduce total number of Subs. The more the repeat of cycle will be, the faster you can see the result of evolution.

Con: Species convergence could be occur.

With small number of Asias, Asias can be converged into few species with repeating many times. The ecosystem need an enough room for individuals to keep diversity.

I’m going to re-start with one-sixteenth of Subs. It can be estimated logically that maximum number of Asia will be around 20,000 with those default numbers.


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