Population Trend @ Cycle 130

As I described before, the population was repeating increasing and decreasing after it surpassed 35,000. At the beginning, it increased in an exponential fashion though. Now the trial #002 has come over 130 cycles, 30 cycles more than the last report, and I found it has keep decreasing. This is not what I expected.

 population 130 Population Trend @ Cycle 130Figure-1

At the beginning, it seemed to increase externally, i.e. population explosion. And after Asias have eaten up all Subs in environment, it would be staying at the top because the number of Subs is limited.

— However, something different is occurring. Here’s my assumption why this phenomenon occurred;

  • Asias eat and have been keeping Subs — great eaters
  • Subs in the environment is always running dry.
  • No room for spare eaters.

I haven’t programmed stomach capacity on Asias, so they may be able to bottomless pits. I feel I need set the stomach capacity proportioning with their physical size so that even if great eaters eat a lot, they consume their vitality proportioning with their physical size. This may be balanced rule.

Or there might be only one very big eater with huge stomach in TheNature icon smile Population Trend @ Cycle 130

Indeed, it’s only 130 cycles. We cannot see what is going on in TheNature. As I always say, we still need to observe.


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