Raising The Amount Of Subs In The Environment

The amount of Subs in the environment limits its population. If all Asia eat up all of them, the population won’t raise. In other words, the more Subs there are in the environment, the more species for Asia’s population will be.

Since trial #005 is a trial, the amount of each Subs was held down to low 12,287(12,287 X 8 = 98,296), and in that situation with the amount, the population raise to around 15,000.
In the real stage, TheNature should have much more Asias and so are Subs. In order to check the capability and performance of the system of TheNature, I tried increase the amount of Subs so that population of Asia would raise.
In addition, to tell the truth, I was so interested in how it would be if I increase Asia in TheNature.

I increased each Subs up to 131,071 (131,071 X 8 = 1,048,568), and that has caused some problems. I have been having hard time these several weeks around holidays.

And now I have fixed those problems, however I found some another issues;

1. TheNature takes too much time

With increasing the Subs more than tenfold, the population of Asia also has raised as I expected. Now there are around 500,000 Asias in TheNature.
And this makes the load of the program much more than I guessed because events of an Asia increased exponentially. An Asia has much more chances to do with another Asias (or to be done by another Asias). So raising the population of Asia means that an Asia takes more chances for its events.
It used to take around 2 hours for 1 cycle when the population was around 15,000, and now with 500,000 of Asia, it became more than 7 days!

2. TheNature looks too dark

With that 500,000 of Asia, the image of TheNature shows crowd of Asia and that makes almost all area very dark. Too much populated areas sometimes look dark and they are not so beautiful.

Best Amount Of Subs

I am trying to reduce the amount of Subs to half and will see the result.

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